Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dr. Boyce: Are We Teaching Our Girls How to Bully One Another?

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Kimberly said...

Great read! We truly are!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

I actually went to bed watching Basketball wives season 4 episode 9 if I'm not mistaken where Jennifer gets slapped and I woke up with my mind racing about 2:30am this morning and have not been able to sleep since. Can you say poor choice before bed?? I thought that, that situation got really out of hand and was a display to the whole world how our generation of young to middle age women are handling issues that make them uncomfortable, confused, angry or hurt. They have no candor towards one another, totally judge-mental and bully one another until they all become the same hurt filled resentful person's that they are, and once they see that you'll do anything to be a "part of the crew" they lock you in and begin to control your life or as they'd like to call it "help you" be a better you by using their star influences and glamour on the less established women to compensate for the lack of control they painfully yearn for in their own lives. It's a sad vicious cycle. I don't see any attempts at sister-hood at all here, just superficial stereo-typical angry black women bullying one another. If Kandi can't see that, then she's no better than they are. If we all just focused on taking the time to master our own skills and paying it forward the healing of their inner child would occur without all the trips to their therapist. Healing is not over night and there's nothing strange about having a hard time leaving the past baggage where it belongs. In the past. #Sad