Monday, April 27, 2009

Diddy is Hiring on TV….Again


The unemployment rate may be at an all-time high, but at least one person is hiring...DIDDY.
VH1 and Sean P. Diddy Combs are now accepting resumes for potential candidates to compete for the position of P.Diddy's Personal Assistant on the reality TV show, "I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY 2."
Diddy will once again hold a nationwide search for an Assistant with the mental and physical stamina it takes to work for one of the world's most high profile CEOs.
A batch of new hopefuls will once again be put through the rigors of what it takes to win one of the toughest, but most rewarding jobs in "the business."


Lady Drama: Kim Kardashian Gets new hair

Kim K was spotted strutting down the streets of NYC with a new hair color and an attitude to match! If it wasn't for the unmistakable crowd behind her I would swear she was in the middle of a photo shoot or something! You better work bitch ;-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Financial Love: Should Mel Gibson’s Wife REALLY get Half a Billion?

In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, Finance Professor Dr. Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown discuss Mel Gibson’s Half billion dollar divorce.  They also discuss various issues that relate to how couples should merge their love and money together.

What does it mean when the man doesn’t make more money than the woman?  Should Gibson’s wife get half of his dough after the divorce?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Are Bare Bosoms the New Thing?

Folks came out the other night to show their support for the new Tyson movie premiere in LA and for some reason Nicole Murphy decided to hit the red carpet in a see-through dress and you guessed bra.

Did I miss a fashion trend? Are bare bosoms the new in thing?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Queen Latifah’s Legal Problems with her Stylists


Queen Latifah

Hip Hop star turned actress Queen Latifah is being hit with two separate lawsuits from former stylists for a total of roughly $1M dollars.  In both cases, the women claim that Latifah owes them back fees for consulting with her on her Covergirl and Curvations lines. 

What’s worse for Latifah is that the suits threaten to expose her lifestyle “whatever that may be……” Should be interesting to see what the cases expose.  This could be even worse for the Queen’s bottom line.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Fashion Mogul Russell Simmons in the Predatory Lending Business?

After writing his commentary on the Rushcard issued by Russell Simmons, Dr. Boyce appears on BBC World News again to discuss the card, predatory lending and whether Simmons is doing a good or bad thing for the Black community.

He also speaks on whether the Obama Administration can step in to improve access to basic services for the Black banking community.

Dr Watkins is one of the world’s leading financial experts and a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and also a financial writer for America Online.   For more information, visit Click the image to listen!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cute Puppy, Good Fashion

The First Dog made his debut on the South Lawn of the White House Tuesday afternoon before at least 60 members of the press.

"Here he is," President Obama said as he and his family walked out of the house.

"I've finally got a friend; it took some time," the president joked at one point when a reporter made a reference to President Harry Truman's famous advice that "if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog."

Bo Obama, a Portuguese water dog, frolicked with his new owners before a herd of cameras and scribes, before the president, first lady and the Obama daughters took him for a walk down the hill toward the fountain and the first lady's new garden.

"He's a star; he's got star quality," Obama said. "He's a rock star."

The long-awaited and much-talked-about arrival of Bo, perhaps the most famous dog in America, fulfilled a promise Obama made to his daughters during the election.

"That's a good-looking dog," the president added. "The only concern we have is apparently Portuguese water dogs like tomatoes. Michelle's garden is in danger."


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kim Kardashian’s Ridiculous Words

These words came out of Kim Kardashian’s mouth recently to Complex Magazine, “I do an eBay auction once every three months, and my whole family gets involved. If we’re photographed wearing something, we don’t typically like to wear it again, so we do these auctions, and I give the proceeds to the Dream Foundation, which is kind of like Make-A-Wish, but it grants wishes to terminally ill adults.”

Maybe she should spend some time with the people starving around the world to know just how f*cking ridiculous she sounds.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Has Cassie Lost Her Damn Mind?

Nope your eyes aren't playing tricks on you that's Diddy's chick Cassie all half shaved. Now I am not sure what the hell she was thinking maybe she was trying to be like Amber Rose or maybe she just got bored, but then again what else is a girl to do when she is irrelevant. Peep some more pics of her new look below.

I ain't even gonna hate on her she is definitely pretty enough to rock this look
Someone needs to tell her that the "Partying Like a Rockstar" trend is over

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tia Brown Relationship Advice: Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance?


This week I take on the challenging decision on whether to give an ex another chance and how to make friends when you’re the new kid on the block.

Should you give an ex a second chance? Or third chance or etc…?One More Chance in NYC

Dear One More Chance,
Only you can decide whether an ex is worthy of another shot at love, but there are a few things you should ask yourself. First, are you revisiting this relationship because you genuinely believe this is the love of your life or due to loneliness? The single scenes can be fun, but really taxing and dating an ex is a quick fix because of the instant gratification-but as time passes you’ll start to remember why things tanked. Secondly, has this person improved on the issues that caused the split? If they’re still lazy, unfaithful or just plain ugly— in their ways— why will it work this time around? Lastly, what’s different about you? Hopefully you’ve worked on any issues that you had that contributed to the demise of the relationship. After pondering these questions you’ll be able to conclude whether rekindling this romance or keeping the flames doused is best.

How do you make ‘girlfriends’ in a new city? Male friends are easy to make or come-by. As I have moved a couple of times since college, I have found it challenging to create sincere girlfriend relationships. I have met women that I like and have clicked with, but what do you say…can I get your number? In Search of Sisterhood

Dear In Search of Sisterhood,
Instead of focusing on making new friendships try putting more energy into strengthening the ones you have. Whether it’s bi-weekly calls or weekly emails, communicating with someone who “gets you” will help take the sting off of being galpal-less in a new place. Sadly, as people get older they can become more cliquish and settled in their routines, so many tend to be less welcoming - but that doesn’t mean you’ll be downing Cosmos solo forever. Try joining organizations, classes or activities that pique your interest. Your new membership will be personally fulfilling and allow you to meet other ladies who share similar hobbies. If you meet someone you hit it off with don’t be afraid to make the first move – get those digits! Set up a time to meet her for coffee, dinner or exercise class to get to know each other better. If the person brushes you aside more than twice let it go, she’s just not that into you. Move on to the next galpal of your dreams. True friendship isn’t something that can be forced; it’s either there or isn’t.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michelle Obama’s Fashion Criticized

The fashion world is in a quite tizzy over Michelle Obama's decision to not wear well known designers duds. Bearing claws and fangs, designers are ripping her selections worn last week to shreds with their commentary. "How dare the First Lady of the United States wear American designers’ clothes and American brands made right here in the United States," they are crying loudly. Who does she think she is buying brands that regular folks can pronounce and giving younger designers credibility that would have taken decades to achieve? These questions were being asked online, on talk shows and cable news by designers. Mrs. O has lost her mind , according to the fashion industry experts, because she wears sensible, stylish, chic and affordable clothes that everyday American women have fallen in love with in spite of the media’s criticism.
Designer show rooms are bare and showing signs of an economy in despair. The recession has not only hit Wall Street and Main Street, but 57th Street as well. The fashion district is hurting and designers are taking their frustrations out on Mrs. O and the political pundits are reporting their pain.
But much to the pundits surprise and dismay, Mrs. O has become an enduring figure in last the few months. She has admiring fans crashing J Crew's website daily and giving the world a taste of Nashville by wearing rhinestones before noon. And her shameless display of her fit arms have many pundits joining the NRA in protest. I keep asking why has her fashion style created so much discord among designers and political pundits. When political pundits take up the case for fashion designers and turn their critical lens on Mrs. O's apparel nightly, you know it is a slow news day.

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