Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ciara Signs a deal with modeling agency


R&B singer Ciara has signed with modeling agency Wilhelmina and is in talks to launch her own clothing line.

Wilhelmina will now focus on casting Ciara, who’s currently ending a print modeling run for Jay-Z's Rocawear line, in both clothing and fragrance campaigns, according to the singer.

"Modeling has always been one of my aspirations," says Ciara. "But I was
insecure about my height. I thought I was 5'7" but I just found out that I'm 5'8" so I'm really excited about that."

Ciara’s also in talks with the budget-friendly department store, Steve & Barry's, to create a reasonably priced clothing line that bridges her personal style with affordable price points. Steve & Barry's also carries Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line as well as the New York Knicks' Stephon Marbury's Starbury collection.

"I have a couple of cool things that I'm working on," says Ciara. "The coolest thing about Steve & Barry's is they cater to everyday people. I won't say that my line will be like theirs, I want to stay true to who I am, but most importantly it has to be affordable."

Ciara is also in the midst of prepping her third album, "Fantasy Ride," set for September via Jive. Her last album, 2006's "Evolution," has sold 1.3 million copies to-date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Too Many Black Fashion Salons in One Area? Interesting

How many barber shops and salons are too many? For south suburban Calumet City, 57–in immediate proximity–is too many and city leaders are looking at ways to keep barbershops and hair salons from piling up on each other. But some business owners think the problem is not the number of hair care establishments, but the number of Black ones.

“It was suggested at a City Council meeting that we look at businesses that are rapidly expanding and those occupying a lot of commercial space,” said Calumet City Mayor Michelle Markiewicz Qualkinbush. “There was no moratorium proposed for barbershops and hair salons, merely a suggestion of how to keep shops from over saturating the area.”

She added that there are a total of 57 barbershops and hair salons in Calumet City, which she does not see as a problem. But the fact that many of them are located next door or across the street from each other is a problem. Qualkinbush said there are 31 barbershops and 26 hair salons in Calumet City but did not know how many were Black-owned.

“We do not keep a record of what color business owners are here,” she said. However, a Chicago Defender analysis identified 23 Black-owned barbershops and 12 hair salons in Calumet City. According to the City Clerk’s office, the fee for a business license to open a barbershop or hair salon in Calumet City is $150. Some Black barbers and hair stylists in Calumet City think the city needs to look at zoning issues rather than a moratorium on business licenses for them.

“The problem is not too much competition but the fact that you can find two or three barbershops located in the same strip mall,” said Avery Miller, 34, a barber at George’s Barbershop, 1551 Sibley Blvd. Just three blocks away at 1086 Sibley Blvd. is Exclusive Barbershop. Paul Sanders, 30, has worked there for three years and since that time he said five barbershops have opened on Sibley Boulevard. “It seems like Sibley Boulevard is the place to be if you are a barbershop.


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Random Fashion!

Will I Am took his support for presidential hopeful, Barack Obama a step higher. Will was seen rocking the new "Yes We Can" Airforce 1s. Apparently folks around the world are starting to take part in this new trend. While I love me some Barack---I'll have to pass on the kicks.

My girl Kelly Ro had a recent photoshoot where she rocked this fab dress by London designer Kosibah. This chick's style is awesome...what a beauty! Work it Ms. Kelly.

Serena rocked a white trenched-coat this week at Wimbledon. Only Serena can keep it fresh on the court.

Some BET Awards Fun!

Check out what Kym Whitley rocked at this years BET Awards. Again....I'm pro Obama--Yes we can...but I have to say--No we can't to this one.

Mel B. looked classically fab in this bronze dress. A fashionista indeed.

Pop Fashionista Ciara was spotted out on the town....rocking a fabulously sexy gray form-fitting dress and a pair of black gladiator stilettos.

Happy 90th Birthday to Mr. Nelson Mandela

Recently in London folks hit up the Nelson Mandela’s 90th B-Day Bash. NaNa was on scene. Ummm not sure what I think of this dress.

On the other hand...I do know what I think of Jada's dress---FABULOUS!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some Weekend Fab Fashion

Rihanna was spotted leaving her favorite lunch spot in NYC Da Silvano’s this weekend. She was rocking the new camo Louis V bag. Chick stays fly.

The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards were held recently. And some fab fashionistas came out. Tyra wore a gold/camel color gown with the matching gold lace-front to match. Is it just me or was it just a bit too much bronze/gold going on?

Eva Marcille was absolutely stunning. This peach & gold color gown just worked so perfectly against her skin. A true fashionista indeed.

Sherri Shepherd, the woman of the evening rocked a floor length blue gown. I'm not sure if that would have been my choice as the host on a hot summer evening--still fab though.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Black Hair, Black Fashion, Black Women

Black Hair is one of the most important parts of a black woman's existence. So, some may wonder why nearly 100% of the African American hair care market is controlled by Koreans. Perhaps black women and men can work together to ensure that the money we spend on our hair care products stays within our communities.

African Americans are among the strongest consumer groups in America, and we spend religiously on the products we need, whether they relate to black hair, black fashion or black beauty. Through time and through education, we can find ways to control markets for African American Haircare products.

A documentary on the topic is below.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Way to go Vogue Italia!

Here are some inside photos of some fab sisters gracing the July issue of Vogue Italia.

What A BOLD Move!
For the July issue of Vogue Italia---Guess what? Only African American beauties will grace the cover. This is a bold move and I love every minute of it. It's long overdue. The issue will be on European newsstands next Thursday and in the United States soon after.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Weekend Fashion

Who Rocked It?
Paula Patton first rocked this Gucci mini dress at the Soul Train Music Awards in March last year. Then J.Lo rocked it last week at Moscow’s MuzTV Music Awards.

The Barbados pop Diva, Rihanna hit up the Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto this weekend. As usual she brought much fabulousity to the scene. She rocked a high-waited dress which was accessorized with a white suspender belt.

Her style is so original. Black is most definitely her color.

A new company called Heelarious is targeting your daughters ages 0-6 months to wear these miniature stilettos. They should call this company Outrageous instead. People--- don't even think about it. Some fashion trends should be ignored---this is one of them! Solange Knowles celebrated her CD release last night at the HENNESSY presents dinner with Bevy and Solange Knowles---at The Harrison Restaurant in the NYC. Chick is looking pretty fab as she rocked a Uhnee dress, a Gucci bag and a pair of fly Miu Miu shoes. Get it Solange!

Gabby is featured on the new cover of Essence Magazine. She is rocking a cute bob-type pixie cut right in time for the summer. Chick has some amazing skin. A true fasionista indeed. A. Keys was spotted at the We Are Together movie premier last night looking fiercely-fab I should add. Ms. Good was spotted at the The Love Guru event recently. She rocked a printed halter gown that was sexy and sophisticated. Not sure if I'm feeling the shoe selection. I think simple black would have done it. To each his own! She is another one with flawless skin. Fab indeed!

My favorite fashion couple were seen heading in to the Celtics vs Lakers b-ball game at the Staple Center last night. Will kept it simple with a black throw-over jacket with a simple black & white Tee while Jada jazzed up a pair of mustard color jeans accompanied with gold accessories and an off-white blazer. Man....I would love to get hold of some of Jada's fashion hand-me downs!! No shame! Chick is fly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fab Fashionistas on the Scene

One of my Fav Fab Fashionistas was spotted at the Daytime Emmy Nominee Cocktail Reception recently in Burbank, CA along side Lance Gross. This chick stays fly,fierce and flawless. They certainly make a stylish couple.
Destiny's Child Michelle Williams was seen out in NYC recently at a Fuse event in the city and she is looking quite fabulous these days might I add. She is rocking this off-the-shoulder dress quite well. I'm also loving her new bob cut! Fab indeed! Work it Michelle.

Who is Your Sex and The City Fashionista?

Each of the four characters has had a distinct style:

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is fearlessly fashionable: her style ranges from uptown chic to whimsy to sex kitten. Stilettos are a must, and the perfect mix of high-end designer with with flea market finds creates Carrie's unique look.

Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wears sexy styles that exude confidence. She is a Woman (a Superwoman of fashion that is) and the message comes across loud and clear through strong styles and bold colors.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has a sweet, preppy style that is always accompanied by the proper bag and shoes. Cute prints and feminine styles play up the kind and loving nature of her personality.

Miranda(My Favorite Fashionista) (Cynthia Nixon) always looks like a very well-dressed career go-getter with chic corporate suits and androgynous styles. I love the style of her character. Then comes Samantha and Charlotte. Carrie tends to be quit over the top and unpredictable for my level of style. Now....I will never pass her up in the shoe category. I can count on her to deliver in this department hands down.

The show has been enormously influential on fashion. Here are some of the trends the show has trumpeted over the years:
  • Flower pins
  • Fly coats
  • Fiece prints
  • The bob
  • Stilettos
  • Must-have designer bags

My top three fashion tips of all time

  1. Go High & Low - What this means is simply learning to mix flea market finds with designer or high-end fashions in unexpected ways. It's simple---one of my favorite is rocking a designer blazer/jacket with a cute flea-market shirt, a pair of my Target jeans and some inexpensive designer pumps from or Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW).
  2. It's all in the shoes baby- Who ever said you judge a man by what kind of shoes he wears was on point. Try not to compromise fashion for comfort. I know it's hard; but when you find a good shoe brand that is chic but comfortable at the same time. Stick with it! Your shoes can make or break an outfit. Whether it's peep-toe,pump or flats make sure that your selection accompanies your outfit well.
  3. Don't be afraid of color - Color is good. I promise. Learning the right colors for your complexion is the key. Color can add so much variety to your closet. You can be more conservative with your bottoms and more adventurous with your tops and accessories to play it safe. Me on the other hand---I push the color limits in every aspect. From head to toe. If you don't know what colors are for you---you can start by associating some of your favorite items around the house as a start.

Fashionable Quote: “Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.” - Christian Dior

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fabulous Future First Lady

The fashion world is recognizing Michelle "The Closer" Obama, wife of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama as a modern day Jackie Onassis. Many are making this comparison in efforts to express her sense of style and grace. Watch out now---oval office. This is one fierce sister. I'm loving every minute of it. Yes We Can! Here are a few of my favorite photos of Michelle.

Michelle is certainly a Fashionista indeed! Yes She Can!

Prom Dos and Don'ts

When I recently received some pictures of some prom goers in New Jersey, I was highly disappointed. Prom is suppose to be fun and exciting yet glamorous and sophisticated. I think some of these ladies and gents are clearly missing the glamorous sophistication.

Tip #1 - The rule of "Less is More" does not apply in every instance. Nothing is wrong with showing a little skin but make sure it's in all the right places. To play it safe---let's keep the two B's (Boobs and Back) to a minimum. This looks more like nightclub attire more so than prom.

Tip #2 - Be selective in your color choice. Although I am an advocate for color---color,style and body type must work together. The color black can almost provide any dress a touch of sophistication. Remember the operative word here is almost. So when in doubt, stick to a solid. With black you can't go wrong. Some may say it's too boring, blah blah blah but this is where your accessories will definitely express your sense of fashion.

Fashionable Quote: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel

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